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On January 11, 2015 in a unanimous vote of those present, the members of First United Methodist Church, North Bend and First United Methodist Church, Coos Bay voted to merge together into a new church, Harmony United Methodist Church. Our congregation has a deep and wide history within our community that began over a hundred years ago when good folks began the founding congregations in North Bend and Coos Bay.

You might think that because our name is “Harmony” we all sing the same note. That is simply not true of us. We are all unique children of God, fearfully and wonderfully made. We each play a part in the harmony we create. In fact, a congregation that sings different notes at the same time, can make beautiful music together, and that is just what we do! Each person is wonderfully created in the chaos of the earth. We each come from unique backgrounds and perspectives. But we live in harmony. We are Harmony United Methodist Church because we are working together so that we are singing the same song: to share the unconditional love of God, connect with God and each other, serve with compassion, hope, joy, and prayer, and grow on our faith journey.