The Chamber Minute 02/10/23

The Chamber Minute 02/10/23

At a workshop I was coordinating, to supplement the biographical information for each speaker, I asked them, “Who was your childhood hero”. The results were interesting and enlightening.


One said, “The Lone Ranger, as he always wore the white hat and also worked out of tough situations with grace.” An OSU professor commented, “I think I was too busy being a kid to have a real childhood hero other than a few of the larger-than-life figures like John F. Kennedy, the early astronauts or the Beatles. But in reflection as an adult, the no contest winners in this category are my parents. Basically their courage, very hard work, and sacrifices gave me the extraordinary opportunity of living in the USA and getting a first class education.  You see, my parents emigrated here from eastern Europe with little more than a couple of suitcases. As I get older hardly a day passes when I don’t think about how fortunate I’ve been and it all traces back to the two heroes who are my parents”.

One response was somewhat different. “I always felt that most heroes were common folks in the right place at the right time faced with having to do something heroically.” Heroes make a difference, in large and small ways. Heroes fight your fires, coach your children in soccer, and serve meals at the Senior Center. Their goal is to make life a little better for those around them.


We are surrounded by heroes in your Chamber of Commerce, men and women working to make Oregon’s Bay Area an even greater place to live and grow in. We succeed because they are willing to give their time and skill, freely. For those of you actively engaged, thank you. For those not yet on the team, we need you. You can be a hero today for someone. Why not join us and make good things happen?


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