The Chamber Minute 05/12/23

The Chamber Minute 05/12/23

The Chamber Minute.

A dream changing movie, for many of my generation, was Smokey and the Bandit. It introduced us to the Pontiac Trans Am. For over 25 years following that movie, I collected articles, pictures and books on the TA. I watched its styles and horsepower change. Finally, I found a late model in perfect shape, low miles and a great price. To everyone’s surprise, I brought it.  At long last, a dream realized.

Over the years, your Chamber has been the source of many dreams realized. Leadership Coos was formed to educate community members to the many facets of our area. In its nine months, participants learn facts, find services and discover opportunities they never knew existed in our area.  It also had a goal to help produce the next set of community leaders. Today you find its graduates leading local business, government and agencies.  The Ambassadors are the Red-coated welcoming team that greets dignitaries, cuts ribbons at grand openings and hosts Business after Hours each month. In the past 18 months they have focused on expanding the success, outreach and impact of those events. They are building their team membership to be even more effective in the community. Also, they are stepping into an important role of membership outreach. Which is critical to the Chamber’s future.  Marketing has set out on a new mission this year. They developed annual Sponsorship Tiers, allowing businesses to invest in many of the Chamber programs and activities at one time during their budget process. Focused on communication, marketing now produces a weekly update for all members, a consistent monthly newsletter and timely Facebook postings. They are working on a new website for greater information access. Also, registering and paying online for all functions is in process of being finalized. Truly another step into the 21st century.

So, who will be the next “Marketing” or “Ambassadors” or “Leadership Coos”, the new dream realized, of this Chamber year? Our community has many needs and opportunities that you, as a chamber member together with likeminded folks, can make happen. Come on down and we will find the Team for you.

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