The Chamber Minute 09/22/23

The Chamber Minute 09/22/23

The Chamber Minute
Top 10 reasons to join the Chamber: Number 2, Increase your visibility in the community.

As a business person, one of the most important things you do is to get the word out about what you produce, its excellent value, your great staff and where you can be found. In today’s world they call that being visible.

As a member, your contact information is in our annual Business Directory and Community Profile. We produce 5,000 copies each year which are well distributed locally and regionally. Additionally, you are listed on our website, available to those who are seeking your products or services. We also regularly post your announcements to our Facebook page.

In this post COVID-19 world, we are, once again, offering all of our networking opportunities. For example our Business after Hours programs, which will make you the focus of an evening on the last Thursday of each month, with two hours to acquaint everyone with what makes you special. Spots are open in our 2024 schedule. Also, our Wednesday Business Connection (WBC) luncheons started again in September and run through May 2024.  They give you many opportunities to promote yourself. Whether it’s the open mic you can use to introduce new staff or products, door prizes provided for drawings at the end of the session or a business spotlight.

Visibility comes through sponsorships too. Sponsorships are highlighted in all our activity advertising. Weekly sponsorships are available for WBC. The Economic Outlook forum, the second Friday in December, has numerous spots available, as does our BACC Awards banquet held the last Saturday of January. Or maybe you would like to be a participant, bringing your team to our June golf tourney or our Taking Care of Business bowling party in August or maybe the Highway 101 clean up in 2024.

How about becoming active in one of our committees like the Legislative Action Team (LAT), Transportation, the Ambassadors or Business Development as part of the Business Builders series? Not only are you visible in the community, but you are making it a better place to live.

So, come on down and join the team today.

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