The Chamber Minute 02/26/24

The Chamber Minute 02/26/24

In for another Chamber Minute, its Rosey. This is Leap Year and that means we get an extra 24 hours this year to do with what we see fit. Leap Day is like an extra track on your favorite album, it doesn’t come along often so when it does, we should make the most out of it. Its an extra 24 hours to fill our day with laughs, kindness, and unforgettable moments. To leap means to jump or spring a long way, or to move quickly or suddenly. Like our Chamber Teams who “leap” into action when they are needed for a member to host an event or promote something. In life, maybe we can look at this extra time as a way to remember to “take a Leap” now and then, step out of our comfort zones and act on something new, go visit a place in your town you haven’t been to yet, try a new activity, speak your mind about something, tell someone how you feel, spread some extra positivity…and Take the leap, it may be just what you needed. Sprinkle some adventure into your extra day if you can. We do not get chances like this every year so LEAP….Leap into March with a Energy like no other, act like we have an extra day, then love your home and your people like you don’t… Welcome to our 3A Basketball Families and Teams! We welcome you to the Bay Area and we hope you enjoy your stay here. The Chamber has decorated our windows in support of 3A Basketball, come check it out this week.

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February 28th Wednesday Business Connection Lunch Presents: Mike Will Info4HR, Workplace Safety Mill Casino Salmon Room 11:30 – 1pm

March 6th Clambake Music Program Mill Casino Salmon Room 11:30-1pm

March 13th Elakha Alliance: Otters and the Economy; Mill Casino Salmon Room 11:30-1pm

March 14th Business Builders: Get to know your Regional Economic Development Partners Newmark Center room 201 3-5pm Registration Required at